Wool felted merino slippers - no soles

Wool felted merino slippers - no soles

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Our 100% merino boiled wool, knit and shaped into a thick, cozy sock.

These gems are the same shape as our slipper, but without the leather sole, making them the perfect hybrid, somewhere between a sock and a slipper.

Why isn't it just a sock?  It's super thick, far too thick to wear inside a shoe, which is what makes it more like a slipper - meant to be worn at home, as a cozy extra layer, possibly even on top of a thinner sock (but barefoot is great too).

Why isn't it just a slipper?  These guys have no sole, which mean they're not meant for walking around in all the time, like a slipper is - without the sole, the wool will wear through pretty quickly on the bottom.  

But they're the perfect option for people who like an extra warm layer to cozy up under the blankets watching tv, to wear to bed, for people with limited mobility, and even as an insert into a bigger slipper or indoor sandal (you know uncle Al with his "indoor Birkenstocks").

Sized Small (women's 6/7), Medium (women's 8/9, men's 7/8), Large (women's 10/11, men's 9/10).

If you are between sizes, size down (i.e. women's 7.5, choose small) as they are better if they fit snug - they will shape to your foot.

The merino wool means that they are super warm, yet breathable, so they don't get sweaty or stinky.

When needed, hand wash in cold water, lay flat to dry.