Marigold seeds - tagetes patula
Marigold seeds - tagetes patula
Marigold seeds - tagetes patula
Marigold seeds - tagetes patula

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Marigold seeds - tagetes patula

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Grow your own dye garden!

French marigolds - tagetes patula

A common and plentiful garden plant, marigold has been used as a dyestuff in India and Mexico, where it is plentiful for ceremonial and decorative purposes.  Produces warm yellows that are only moderately colourfast.  We therefore don't recommend it for dyeing 'heirloom' items such as quilt fabric, but it can still be fun to use for bundle dyeing or dyeing less precious items such as clothing.   It is a great plant to have in your garden as it acts as a natural insect repellent, is edible, and produces sunny blossoms all summer long.

Begin indoors a few weeks before end of frost, or direct seed any time throughout the summer. Grows quickly and easily.  Prefers a sunny spot and lots of water. Pinch off the tops to encourage spread.


Zones 2-11

When to sow: spring through fall

Ease of germination: easy

Family: Daisy (Asteraceae)

Colourfastness: Moderate

This listing is for a packet of seeds containing around 200 seeds.


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