Calx - Alkali for Indigo Vats
Calx - Alkali for Indigo Vats
Calx - Alkali for Indigo Vats

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Calx - Alkali for Indigo Vats

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When making an indigo vat, you require three things: the indigo extract, an alkali, and a reducing agent.

Calcium hydroxide is a very common alkali, used in several types of vats, including Fructose, Iron and Henna vats.  It is a food safe ingredient, also known as pickling lime, used in processes such as pickling and tortilla making.

Use with indigo and a reducing agent to create a vat and create blue!

If you are new to indigo dyeing, you may want to begin with our Indigo Kit, which has the pre-measured quantities of each ingredient that you need, as well as comprehensive instructions.

You can find more information in our FAQs.

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