Weld Seeds - Reseda luteola
Weld Seeds - Reseda luteola
Weld Seeds - Reseda luteola
Weld Seeds - Reseda luteola

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Weld Seeds - Reseda luteola

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Grow your own dye garden!

Weld, reseda luteola

Also known as dyer's rocket, this easy to grow plant has been used as a dyestuff as early as the first millenium BC.  The plant tops yield stunning yellows.  Many natural dyer's prefer weld as the base yellow to use with indigo to create extraordinary green.

Does not like to be transplanted, so direct seed in a sunny spot after frost, cover with thin layer of soil and keep evenly moist. Thin to 20cm apart.  Can grow to a metre tall or more, so leave plenty of space, and plant behind other plants.



Zones 5-9

When to sow: spring

Ease of germination: easy

Family: Resedaceae

Colourfastness: Very good

This listing is for a packet of seeds containing 200+ seeds.


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