Turkish Towel for Dyeing
Turkish Towel for Dyeing
Turkish Towel for Dyeing

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Turkish Towel for Dyeing

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100% cotton, handwoven Turkish towel, perfect for use with our natural dyes

These soft and absorbent towels are a great blank canvas for you to experiment on - they take natural dyes wonderfully and can be dyed solid, or used for tie dye.

Works as a towel for either home or the beach (they pack up very small compared to a terry cloth towel), but can also be used as a light throw, shawl, picnic blanket, for yoga, and more.

White and off white threads - ready for colour!

Handwoven in Turkey in a simple twill pattern, with hand-tied tassels

Size is approximately 40"x70" but can vary slightly due to their handmade nature

They weigh around 400g, so you could dye 1-2 with our Natural Dye Kit and 1-3 with our Indigo Kit, and more with our Bulk Dyes. More information on how much you can dye with each kit and dye is available in each individual listing.

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